López Obrador doubles down on criticism of Peru’s government: “Pedro Castillo’s impeachment is a travesty”

Peru’s President Tina Polwarte with Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.PA

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has responded strongly to criticism from Peruvian President Tina Polwart, who accused him of meddling in Peru’s internal affairs. López Obrador again came to the defense of former President Pedro Castillo this Monday and confirmed his impeachment.It is a travesty because the will of the Peruvian people is not respected, democracy has been trampled and a great injustice has been done in impeaching him and imprisoning him”. The Mexican president has explored diplomatic outreach and characterized the current Peruvian government as “de facto”, which he considers “dictatorial and repressive”.

López Obrador’s reaction after he decided to categorically withdraw his ambassador to the North American country, saying that he “strongly rejects the expressions of the Mexican president about the internal affairs of Peru and the constitution and his unacceptable questions. The democratic appearance of my government.” “López Obrador has been accused of supporting the coup of former President Pedro Castillo, which unanimously rejected the institutions that make up the democratic order in Peru.” Mexico expressed regret over the withdrawal of a Peruvian diplomat over the weekend and vowed not to close channels of communication with the Andean nation. “[El Gobierno de México] “We hope that a democratic agreement will soon be reached on the differences in this fraternal Latin American country,” Mexico’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

However, the conciliatory tone of that speech contrasted with López Obrador’s criticisms. The Mexican president during his morning press conference this Monday characterized the current Peruvian president as a “puppet, a puppet, a ruler” and also charged against the Peruvian Congress, accusing him of responding to vested interests. The president compared big capital and foreign companies, “because we suffered here for more than 30 years, all the reforms made in the constitution were in favor of minorities and the public assets, the assets of the country, were handed over to national and foreign companies. The process of privatization; it’s the same.”

López Obrador has also criticized what he sees as the “hypocritical silence” from other Latin American countries regarding the crisis in Peru on December 7 when then-President Castillo announced the dissolution of Congress and ordered an emergency government. Castillo was arrested a few hours later and transferred to a prison in Lima. His decision was unanimously rejected by Latin American democracies, although his impeachment and imprisonment drew criticism from López Obrador and Colombian President Gustavo Pedro, who was declared a figurehead by the Peruvian Congress. Not grata.

“It’s very annoying that everyone is silent,” said López Obrador, who repeatedly made excuses about other crises in the region, including with Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, accusing Mexico of not interfering in the other’s internal affairs. Countries, under invitation The Estrada Doctrine. “So we see, they’re so hypocritical, they scream like village criers, right?, and when it suits them they’re as quiet as mummies; Therefore, the world press, the most popular newspapers in the world, the OAS for the United States, the UN, the human rights organizations, no one talks about this great injustice, the base of which is an oligarchy in Peru, national, but especially abroad, it is Peru’s natural assets, gas, mining resources. Looting,” criticized the president. “Annoying, undeserved, it’s a great injustice, one cannot stay silent, and we will continue,” López Obrador concluded his conference in a direct challenge to the Peruvian government.

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