Look right into the election-fraud investigations that rocked the judiciary

The Bar Order, first obtained by Politico and reported by the Associated Press, stated that the Attorney General had already approved such inquiries related to the 2020 election “in specific cases.” He did not elaborate on the circumstances or whether they were open.

Barr acknowledged that his new instruction was a departure from the usual judicial practice of not initiating a full-scale investigation into such fraudulent allegations or taking a transparent investigation until the election results are certified. However, the attorney general said the policy makes little sense in cases where fraud is suspected that could affect the outcome of an election.

Shortly after the Bar Order was issued, Richard Bilker, director of the DOJ Criminal Division’s Electoral Crime Branch, Sent an email to colleagues He said he would transfer to another role in the field. The 28-year-old senior federal attorney said the warning in the Bar policy change no doubt prompted him to quit his job since 2010.

The government of Pilar’s e-mail parse is “an important new policy repealing the 40-year non-interference policy of vote fraud investigations in the period before elections become certified and uncontrolled.”

“I am aware of the new policy and its changes … I regret to resign from my role as director of the Electoral Crimes Division,” Bilker wrote in his message, first reported by the New York Times. “I have enjoyed working with you for more than a decade to actively and diligently implement federal criminal election law, policy and practice without discrimination or support.”

Vanitha Gupta, who served as head of the Civil Rights Division of Justice under President Barack Obama, posted a copy of Bilker’s resignation email online, saying, “Look at Trump’s service, DJ.

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However, it is not clear whether Bar Memo’s words were a supplement to most of the president’s supporters or to put forward serious investigations into last week’s election in which Joe Biden was declared the winner of Trump.

“While serious allegations must be handled with the utmost care, unilateral, speculative, imaginary or distant claims should not be the basis for initiating federal investigations,” Barr wrote. “Nothing should be taken here as an indication that the Department has decided that voting irregularities have affected the outcome of any election.”

Gupta said the memo was a little more than intended to satisfy the president and that any serious level of voting fraud would provoke misconceptions that the 2020 presidential race had been affected.

“Let it be clear – it’s about sowing disorder, misinformation and confusion,” said Gupta, now chairman of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Trump is angry and demands that all ‘his’ lawyers take action. They have no evidence, so they will push the PR.”

“Voters decided the election and Pita was overwhelmingly elected,” Gupta said. “The election is secure and fair. The memo is not based on truth. Fear of opening hearings will not change the outcome.”

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