Lolita Ayala as President of the Republic?

Spokesperson and Journalist Lolita Ayala, Who in recent months has been a hit among young people for launching his brand line that includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and glasses, such a situation continues to surprise the public with the Mexican edition of the fashion magazine L for It’s.

Yesterday, Monday, March 8th International Women’s Day, This Tuesday Lolita He shared a picture of himself showing off a new shirt from his lineup, however, the surprising thing is the legend.Lolita 2024 ” There he would play with the idea that he would run for the presidency of Mexico.

Along with the photo was the message: “Strong, brave, talented, free, hard working women to all. United We are all # lolita2024 ”. Immediately users began to share tweets creating different opinions, for example ter intermedi: “They imagine him as the President of Mexico. On the day of the scream a super national cock emerges.”


Other users asked if a portion of the profits made by this shirt should go to women who were oppressed by yesterday’s feminist march in Mexico City. The truth is that all the products that Lolita sells with her image are funded to “help” her foundation.


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