Liz Vega will return to the Playboy site to express “Sensuality”; Themes promise to be | Video

from lys Vega She was screened as the Godmother of the First Hand programme, 5 long years have passed where she has been through endless things and now the program is on its fifth anniversary, she is back to talk about some of them; One is his return playboy.

Cuban said he is divorced and in the process of healing, and has many projects on the horizon, such as a continuation of his musical career, musical theater and stage. warm go, from the popular Bunny magazine. “I’m in my life, better than ever. I think this is the best phase of my life,” he revealed.

in this situation, lys Vega He explained that he participated just before the pandemic, but it was interrupted. However, her work caught the eye of those on stage, who invited her back to collaborate with them. Of course, Vedet further clarified that she will only do sensuality and sensuality without coming with anyone.

About your account Fans onlyThe exclusive content site, which has grown in popularity in recent years, has reiterated that it should be shut down because the material is “too vulgar”. She knows her limits. However, he also clarified that he could change his mind and raise the intensity of his content by not knowing tomorrow’s future.

Liz Vega promised not to make triple x content (Photo: Instagram @lisvegaoficial)

How does Liz Vega set her limits?

Knowing that matter is complicated, money is always attractive. lys Vega He said that he works hard and does everything with love. In this case, a woman who has responsibilities with her family and is its axis, prefers to sleep peacefully, even if she has to eat beans, rather than take too much risk.

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“At the end of the day, money is energy and it comes and goes. Someone who is attached to the economy is going to be unhappy for the rest of their lives. The most important thing is to cling to the moments that truly nourish you. Your relatives, with a nice smile, go watch the sunset, and be at peace,” said Cuban as one of his life philosophies. He shared in part.

About the videos you provide Go hot He said that he would look like God brought him into the world while dealing with various themes. Similarly, he said that he will not sell used underwear as he does not like it and does not use it either.

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