Livia Brito: This is how she got her eye-catching image for “La Desalmada” Photos

Cuban actress Livia Brito, Best known for his role in Mexican Telenovela “Heartless”, Has become one of the favorite stars due to his talent and beauty.

However, the translator has undergone various physical changes because he is proud of his very beautiful body due to the diet and exercise he is currently doing.

How was the actress’ physical transformation?

During her last soap opera, the 35-year-old actress fell in love with the public by playing Fernando Linares Place Image, Where he manifested physical change, because now his body is marked and well defined.

Although Livia She has always been a very attractive woman and has a great body, now she has lean muscular arms and the same can be seen in her legs and abdomen.

In fact, the star “Doctors, Life Tax” And “Uncontrolled”, Has shared some of his cooking tips and practices on his official YouTube channel so his followers can try to create them.

In addition, through his Instagram stories, the former translator of “La Desalmada” also shares what he eats and how difficult it is to maintain an image that he is currently proud of.

How was it before?

Ten years ago Livia She made her acting debut in Telenovela “The Conquest of Love”, I starred in Fernando Sandoval.

The actress was already very sexy at the time, but her body was very different because her muscles were not noticed or not much exercise, however she was always a beautiful woman.

However, whether with his current body or on the previous body, Cuban has thousands of fans for his beauty and talent because on his social networks he always has comments that talk about his incredible figure and big body change.

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