Live: ‘Sino’ Lopez takes second place and beats Plattens in Motacua Excelsior! – Ten

Minute by minute from the Platons VS. MOTAGUA

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Part 2 start: Mottagua Platans 0-2 at Excelsior Stadium.

End of Part One: Motacua beat Plato 2-0 at Excelsior Stadium. Goals by Gonzalo Klusener at 2 and Evan Lopez at 30.

Above! Dylan Andrade’s shot from three quarters of the court, but the ball goes high. Plato tries it at 45.

40 ‘ Jonathan Rogier hit a corner

35 ‘ A shot from the left side of Angel Velasquez forces Roger to give a corner kick. Platinum Press in search of a discount.

Cool of Modagua! In the 30th minute, Evan Lopez beat Platon 2-0 using an error by Season Osegura.

Change in Plato: Hector Aranda enters Andre Santos in the 29th minute.

Surprise! A free kick from the right side connecting the Yarsen cutthroat and the ball collided with the right post crossing the entire fort, jumping from the other tube and not entering inside. Stored in Motagua 27.

Get out! Andre Santos’ shot is high. Plato shows courage in the 22nd minute. In the next play Jorge Cardona took a shot that went over the frame of the rogue.

Work! Kevin Lopez’s shot deflected off a defender and bounced off a right post defended by Bruno Aleman. Stored in Platans 13.

9 ‘ Throw in favor of the Blues already charging motocau. The Buenos Aires lights were stunned.

2 ‘ Lopez won the wing on the right, raised his head and sent the cross to another post where Klusener was found. The Argentine immigrant hit the nail with his left hand.

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Cool of Motagua! Gonzalo Klusener scored 1-0 against Plato in the 2nd minute after the help of Kevin Lopez on the right.

Start the game! Plato’s Vs. Motagua at Excelsior Stadium.


Motagua: Jonathan Rogier, Wesley DiCas, Brainer Maradiga, Marcelo Santos, Omar Elvir, Hector Costellano, Juan Delcado, Kevin Lopez, Diego Aski, Evan Lopez and Gonzalo Klusener. DT Diego Vasquez.

Plate: Bruno Aleman, Marco Martinez, Angel Velasquez, Jorge Cardona, Yasser Santos, Dylan Andrade, Mendoza, Caesar Osegura, David Montoya, Orbin Cabrera and Yerson Gutierrez. DT: Raman Maradiga.

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