Live | Angel Tejeda – Vida draws against Olympia with Tees’ goal

Welcome minute by minute to the Vida and Olympia game from La Ziba!

MIN 45 + 2 The first half is over. At the end of the match the mind lost ribs ended up in the meringue frame and 10 and five were left with caution.

MIN 45 Yellow for requests for Etrik Menzover.

MIN 44 Eddie Hernandez was on double alert and tried to attack referee Nelson Salcado. His teammates block him, and Troclio claims ownership of that player.

MIN 44 Yellow for George Alvarez who drops the ball in an annoying way.

MIN 43 They canceled the play which ended in a goal scored by Juan Pablo Montes. The lion was saved.

MIN 41 Yellow for Felix Chrisando for beating Luis Palma.

MIN 38 Cool of life. Who else? Angel Tejeda came in to diversify a header from a free kick taken by the “Mango” Sanchez and tied the game.

MIN 36 The first change of Olympia; Jonathan Boss left due to injury and Jose Garcia stepped inside.

MIN 33 Lack of the most distracted Louis Palma in the game.

MIN 26 Yellow to Jerry Pengson for requests.

MIN 23 Olympia continues to dominate the sport; Vida tries on the pages but defends the alpha protection well.

MIN 10 Olympia Cool. Jerry Pengson hit with a header.

MIN 8 The center of Edwin Rodriguez and the title of Eddie Hernandez and Pipo have once again become huge in La Ciba.

MIN 5 The bombshell of George Alvarez and Pipo Lopez sends it to the corner kick.

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MIN 1 The game begins in La Ziba.

Olympia will unveil her new black dress today in front of the coconut trees. Vida defends Aberdura’s leadership and maintains the 11 holders she used.

Life goes on like this: Roberto Lopez; Juan Pablo Montes, Sergio Pena, Brian Perios, Carlos “Mango” Sanchez, Carlos Arcuada, Roger Sanders, Dennis Melandes, Alexander Aguilar; Louis Palma and Angel Tejeda. DD Fernando Mira

On the 11th day of Olympia: Etrick Menzver; Brian Beckles, Johnny Leverkusen, Jonathan Boss, Felix Chrisando; Jose Mario Pinto, Jorge Alvarez, Edwin Rodriguez, German Magia, Jerry Pentzen and Eddie Hernandez. DT Pedro Troclio

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Historical competition

Historical series: 210 Games: Olympia 106 wins, Vida 27 wins and 77 draws

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