Lionel Messi’s net worth surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo by 100 million.

Football returns to offer a new and perhaps last clash between millions of fans around the world Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi, the two will cross paths this Thursday in the clash between the Riyadh star team and PSG.A conflict that is friendly but lives with a very high level of intensity.

On the one hand C.Ristiano is playing his first match in Saudi Arabia Since his signing with Al-Nasser Lionel Messi He continues to enjoy the title he won with Argentina in Qatar 2022 and will give his Arab fans a chance to see him in action.

Throughout their football careers, Leo Messi and CR7 have both starred in major clashes (37 in total), Passed through Champions League finals (Manchester United and Barcelona), Spanish classics (Real Madrid and Barcelona), as well as other duels in the Champions League (Barcelona and Juventus) and internationally (Argentina and Portugal).

however, The rivalry has moved off the courts as well, as both have dominated economically over the past decade. It allowed them to build millionaire and important fortunes for their future and the future of their respective children.

Who is luckier Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Accordingly Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth, Cristiano Ronaldo ended 2022 with $500 million. Even if Lionel Messi adds 600 million, let’s say 100 million more than the Portuguese add. He will soon increase his assets after signing with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasser, with the team he will earn 200 million per season, not counting sponsorships.

Also, as expressed earlier, The Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary is three times more than Lionel Messi’s PSG gets along because the Argentine earns 65 million dollars in salary, not counting sponsorships that reach 120 million per season. However, Ronaldo earns 200 million dollars per year without taking sponsorships into account.

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