Lionel Messi. Iboy Lanos invented the ’10’ wearing a Batman shirt

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There are very few people who can be in it Famous farewell dinner Organized by Lionel Messi Home with players from Barcelona One of them is the popular YouTuber Ibai Lanos, Invited by Sergio Aguirre.

Contrary to what everyone thought, what character was seen in the house Messi This is not the person wearing the most expensive clothes in the world or the latest generation of tennis shoes. No, the highest paid player in football history appeared with a short film Chicago Bulls And a plus size Batman T-shirt.

The Kun Aguirre She invited him with surprise to come to the house of ’10’ who was no longer with him Barcelona For the 2021-22 season. The boy was speechless when they revealed where they were.

“Suddenly we came to a place where there were three or four paparazzi. I told them what was going on here? What is this?.. And there were a lot of kids around the car,” he said in a Twitch broadcast.

“I go down the stairs (I see) Messi, Jordi AlpOh Busquets. For a second he gives me a heart attack. Suddenly he turned to my right, I see Messi Barefoot, in Batman T-shirt, pants Chicago Bulls I mean what happened? ”

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Lionel Messi After leaving Barcelona he had dinner with his colleagues and close friends Barcelona. The future of Argentina lies in the future PSG Article 1 after reaching an agreement between the two parties.

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