Linda Evangelista was disfigured after cosmetic treatment

Supermodel Linda Evangelista, 56, “Unidentifiable” after being “brutally mutilated” as a result of aesthetic medical treatment, He explains himself on his Instagram account.

Linda Evangelista denounced cryopolitosis (an intervention to reduce cholesterol) that was “permanently distorted” after the opposite effect, she explains in a statement entitled “True, My Story”.

Evangelista explained on her social network this Thursday, with more than 900,000 followers, why She has disappeared from public view and, like many of her comrades, has not returned to the catwalks. 90s legendary “best models”, including Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford.

The reason: “I was horribly distorted by the geltic coolscaling practice that acted contrary to what I had promised,” he explains.

“It increased instead of lowering my fat cells and even after two painful correction surgeries it left me permanently disfigured without success. I was like some media said, ‘unrecognizable’,” he added.

“I have developed paradoxical fatty hyperplasia or PAH,” Evangelista explained, “a risk I was not notified of before the procedure.”

The supermodel says that hyperplasia not only ruined her lifestyle but also plunged her into deep depression. “I’m in a cycle of deep depression, deep sadness and low levels of self-loathing. I’ve become an outcast.”

With this complaint, he concludes the statement, “I am trying to get rid of my shame and make my story public. Even though I am not like myself, I like to raise my head and leave the door of my house.

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