Liga MX: Pachuka urges Fernando Beltron de Sivas to be a booster for Aberdera 2021

Fernando Feltron, Midfielder Shivas Rayadas of Guadalajara, Vector Manuel Vusetic may leave the current running team after Clausura 2021 because he has no confidence in the coach and does not have the minutes he wants to be on the ‘Nine’ field, already has some potential vacation spots at the end of the tournament, one of them Tuos del Pachuca.

According to the Criterio Hidalgo newspaper, Pacquiao is closely following Peltron’s current position at Sivas, as it will be one of the strongest cards to strengthen the team for the next Aberdera 2021 tournament at Liga MX.

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As described in the reports, if there were no chances for ‘Nane’ Feltron to get on the order of Wusetic with Guadalajara, Pacquiao would try to impress the footballer and convince him that there would be more game and possibilities to show himself with Dusso. .

In addition, he will be a footballer, he will fit perfectly into the style of Paulo Pescalano, he is dynamic, tactile, vertical play-like and always expects the opposite goal. He will see all those conditions in Peltron to connect him to his teams in the next matches.

If Wozniacki stays on the Sivas bench, Fernando Peltron will leave the team because he did not think about it, and that is where Pachuka will take action to give Mitzfield an important opportunity.

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In the current Glasura 2021, Fernando Peltron has played in 10 games where he has not scored a single goal and has not provided assistance. ‘Nine’ Beltron has played only 32% of the minutes in matches, of which only 36% have started as starters, less than half.

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