Liga Bedplay Today: America Saved by a Miracle: Levels

The start of the 18th of the Bedplay League between Friday and Saturday had many promises. Atletico National Atletico, the leader of the Colombian Championship, gets home to Buccaneer, who comes up with the idea of ​​adding that he is alive.

The match between Deportivo Pereira and Jaguars was due to open on this date which caused some surprises. The ‘Madcana’ team did not end up with Monteria’s ‘Fines’ and ended in a goalless draw at Hernான்n Ramirez Villas.

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On Saturday, Envicado complicated his bid to qualify for the next round of the Bedplay League as he lost 1-2 to Ones Caldas, thanks to goals from Nelson Quinones and Mender Garcia. Daniel Landono was tied at 45 +3.

Then, Allianza Petrolara retained three points against Atletico Huila, then Sebastian Acosta scored in the 86th minute. Hubert Bodert’s team began qualifying for the final home runs after scoring 29 points.

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The news of the day was given in Bogot. USA de Galli was stabbed against La Ecuador and left with one foot out of the Bedplay League home runs. Juan Carlos Osorio’s’ team fell to the ‘Insurance’ team 2-1 and will have to wait for results to pursue the dream of qualification.

On Sunday, four matches will be played at different venues: first between the Patriots and Medellin in Tunza, then they will play Santa Fe vs Junior; Deportivo will then host league champion Dolima Millonarios, and Deportivo will face the vacant Deportes Quintio.

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1. 1. National, 41 points

2. Millionaires 32 points

3. Deportivo Pereira 30 points

4. Allianza Petrolera 29 points

5. Ptolemy 29 points

6. Junior 28 points

7. Deportivo empty 27 points

8. Envicado 26 points

9. Bukharamanga 26 points

10. Santa Fe 24 points

11. Jaguars 24 points

12. USA 23 points

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