Libre supporters marched for Cicih

Government workers and members of the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party coalition gathered yesterday at the start of Morazán Boulevard, chanting “Xiomara you are not alone, the people are with you” and “the rich must pay taxes too”.

Last Saturday, July 16, the rally, called by ex-president Manuel Zelaya and the coordinator of Libre, started after 5:00 pm from the bridge in the La Guadalupe area towards the National Congress (CN).

Dressed mostly in red and black, supporters of the ruling party marched to demand approval of the Tax Justice Act, to uphold the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and to establish the International Commission Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (CICIH) in the country.

From the top officials of the current government, the majority of ministers, managers and directors of state institutions joined the call made by Manuel Zelaya.

“We will respond to the call of the general coordinator of the party and the democratically elected president for this mobilization, to the place where we were born, a natural place for popular protest to defend the political project of the people,” said Finance Minister Rixie Moncada.

Lawyer by profession “Citizens gathered in our natural place, in the streets; we must defend a project that belongs to the Honduran people, a project that we must defend with our lives, as we have done for the last 14 years, to the people in opposition.

Another of those who participated in the mobilization, the president of the National Congress, Luis Redondo, joined the demonstration of the supporters of Libre and began to enter the facilities of the legislative power after walking a few blocks. Josiah Manuel, one of the inevitable in this saturation with political overtones, is the head of this political institution.

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Zelaya arrived in his vehicle, accompanied by his daughter Xiomara Hortensia Zelaya, known as “La Picchu,” and presidential communications adviser Milton Benitez.

“People have a very clear idea of ​​their reality, people endure hunger, people have needs, they have been oppressed and oppressed for centuries; Their liberation costs, their liberation costs,” pointed out Manuel Zelaya.

One of the justifications for the march was the possible arrival of the CICHI, the former Honduran president said: “The problem is the fight against corruption. International experts are brought in because this body does not work here. International experts should come to investigate, and prosecute and issue orders.

The rally that started at the bridge in the La Guadalupe neighborhood was joined by other groups of people from the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport (SIT), La Hoya neighborhood and from Chuaba Boulevard near the Hospital Escuela.

The mobilization coincided with the resumption of sessions of the National Congress, which was called into session at 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

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