Libre groups corner and attack opposition representatives

Nationalist Vice President Antonio Rivera Callejas was stoned in the head by Libertad y Refundación (Libre) groups, who besieged him on the floor of the National Congress.

Nationalist deputy Antonio Rivera was beaten in the head by Callejas Libre groups.

Three National Party delegates were attacked by Libre groups this Tuesday as they waited to enter Congress.

National Party representatives Jacques Uriarte and Tomás Zambrano were also attacked.

Deputy Dono Rivera was transferred to a care facility

Police tried to protect the delegates from stones and glass bottles thrown by Libre supporters.

The base of the National Congress was filled with Libre supporters who, according to them, wanted the opposition to impose a parallel board of directors.

Libre supporters called the nationalist representatives thieves and corrupt.

Delegations from the Liberal Party and the Salvadoran Party of Honduras (PSH) were locked down after all access to the National Congress was ordered closed.

Libre collectives came to the basement of the National Congress to insult nationalist representatives who could not enter the assembly building.

Followers of the Freedom and Refoundation Party (Libre) cornered the nationalist representatives.

The gates of the National Congress were closed to prevent opposition delegates from holding an ordinary session.

Nationalist deputy Antonio Rivera denounced Callejas Libre as wanting to dissolve the National Congress.

Deputy Tomás Zambrano said they were trying to enter the headquarters of the Honduran legislature, but were unable to because of orders from Luis Redondo.

A tense atmosphere prevailed at the base of the National Congress.

After more than three hours, delegates and media continue to be unable to enter and exit the National Congress.

As the base of the CN continued to be filled with groups, they insulted opposition representatives who demanded entry into a council.

While inside the CN, representatives of the Liberal and Salvadoran Party of Honduras (PSH) installed audio equipment to make the call this Tuesday.

“This is Libre’s agenda, a radical plan to establish socialism, and today is October 31 and the deadline for regular sessions ends, and we as congressmen must legislate,” said Nationalist deputy Eder Mejia.

He concluded: “Today democracy, the rule of law, is being violated, we are not here in a will, this is a move to resist and cover up the fact that the rights of the representatives are being violated. According to them they are going to intimidate us, but they have sent groups to humiliate us that we are not going to move.

2023/10/3121:04H. / Internet writing

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