Liam Neeson recalls his late wife Natasha Richardson telling him that if he played James Bond, she wouldn’t marry him.

Liam Neeson had to give down one specific acting role if he wanted to marry Natasha Richardson: James Bond. During an interview on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Thursday, the 69-year-old actor repeated the information. Producer Barbara Broccoli reportedly sought Neeson for the part years ago, and he said he “received a few of calls” from her. “However, I was not given the opportunity. I know they were looking at other performers, and I believe I was one of them, “Neeson remarked. “However, my dear, gone wife said to me… ‘Darling, if you’re offered James Bond and you decide to play it, you’re not going to marry me.'” 

Neeson eventually dropped the 007 moniker, and the couple married in 1994. After that, the couple had two sons: Micheál as well as Daniel During the interview, Neesom also revealed that following fights with his late wife, he would taunt her by singing the James Bond theme tune while holding his hands in the shape of a gun. Neesom earlier explained why he declined the job of the world’s favourite spy, telling Men’s Journal that Richardson’s explanation was as follows: “Foreign nations. Women. Halle Berry is a well-known actress.” 

For a long time, Neeson kept his wife’s death a secret. Richardson went on 60 Minutes five years after his death and told Anderson Cooper about his sorrow. When Cooper inquired as to why he had been silent until then, he replied it was too early and that it was “nobody’s business.” He did, however, believe that he was ready to speak after five years. “It’s been five years now, and… it’s safe to speak. It’s critical to communicate “Cooper was informed by him. Neeson said he was obsessed with thinking about how Richardson died in the beginning, but as time passed, he began to dwell more on how she lived. He went on to say, “She always crammed so much into every day.” “Perhaps she realised she wasn’t meant to stay on this planet for a long time.”

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Richardson would not be able to recuperate from the accident, according to Neeson. He claimed the couple had agreed that if one of them became vegetative, the other would end the relationship. He informed his wife he loved her and said, “Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this,” during his final visit with her. You’ve hit your head on something. I’m not sure if you can hear me, but this is what happened, and we’re taking you back to New York to see your family and friends.” “She’s keeping three people alive,” he told Cooper, referring to her heart, kidneys, and liver donations.

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