L’Hospitalet removes the phone booths from public space

The L’Hospitalet City Council has asked the Telefónica de España company to remove most of the 65 phone booths, located in the city’s public space, which is why it has already done so. The reason why the City Council has made this request is that it considers that they occupy space in the streets of the city and that they are hardly used, so it is better to remove them due to their increasing deterioration and to prevent them from continuing to be subject to acts of vandalism.

Once all the requested booths have been removed, only one booth per district will remain as a service. In order to maintain these remaining cabins, the City Council has required the company to properly maintain them, and to guarantee their availability if necessary.

This initiative comes with a double objective: on the one hand, to improve the mobility and accessibility of pedestrians, since, for the most part, the cabins do not comply with the current regulations on this matter; and, on the other hand, to improve the aesthetics of the city, since these elements are not only in a deteriorated state, but have also become a support for posters and graffiti that litter the public space.

The removal of these booths began to be carried out by Telefónica at the end of November and, so far, they have already managed to dismantle 28 of the requested ones. Finally, this operation is expected to end before the end of the year.

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