Leonor’s Oath to the Constitution, From the Inside: The Princess’s Nerves, Letizia’s Appearance, and Felipe’s Pride

Princess Leonor as soon as the delegates arrived at the Congress. (REUTERS/Susana Vera)

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The center of Madrid is up earlier than ever Tuesday, October 31. The city center and the streets surrounding the Congress of Representatives are decorated for a double celebration: The 18th birthday of the heir to the throne and his oath of office. A historical event in it Infobay Spain This went hand in hand with more elaborate security measures. More than 900 policemen Arranged every few meters.

Despite the chilly weather, as the ceremony did not begin until 11 a.m., just as Felipe VI had sworn in the constitution, by 8 a.m. citizens were already patiently waiting and sheltering in the streets. After the inauguration, the royal family moves to the royal palace. He was the first to reach the roomApart from journalists, there were also delegates, who started taking their seats after 10 am. Although the differences between them were still evident, a common emotion was evident in the atmosphere to witness a moment that is part of Spain’s history on this day.

Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia in a Rolls-Royce Pompton IV en route to the Cortes Generales. (EFE/Rodrigo Jimenez)

As proof of this, a large section of the Congress A A nod to the monarchy Through their wardrobes wearing green ties, dresses, jackets or shirts, epitomize the tone historically associated with royalty. VWatt AndL Rhey EAnd AndSpain.

In the stands, in addition to radical politicians, there were prominent figures of democracy Felipe Gonzalez, Jose Maria Aznar or Mariano Rajoy, all of whom are former presidents of Govt. Despite their nasty clashes in the past, this October 31 they warmly congratulated each other and shared a long speech joined by Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida. He was the last to arrive 10 minutes before the commencement of the swearing-in Jose Luis Rodriguez SabateroAsner and Gonzalez joined the conversation.

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After a good dose of nerves on the part of the witnesses, one of the key moments took place when the procession leading the royal family to the Congress began. A trip that took the opportunity to greet the citizens, for which they were divided into two cars, first, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia and, second, Kings Felipe and Letizia.

Kings and their daughters at the doors of the Congress of Representatives.

Already at the Plaza de los Cortes, preliminary work has begun on the inauguration. Before entering Congress, the four listened to the national anthem, with the monarchs and their daughters below from the lectern. This is the last time Leonore does it at a low altitude, because according to the Edict of Ethics, after the oath of the Constitution, she will have a place of her own on the stage. At this moment we have begun to see visible appearance Between Felipe and his first-born daughter, he was separated only for a few moments to reconnoitre the troops of the three armies.

The four then went to the bronze door of the historic building, which is used only on solemn and important occasions, so that the gallery of the Congress of Representatives fell silent, awaiting the entrance of Felipe VI and his family. After being accommodated in the seats arranged for them, they were welcomed with loud applause and the national anthem, and within minutes the Queen Leticia took the opportunity to review her particular magazine and look carefully at the assembled crowd..

The Royal Family in the Congress of Representatives during the swearing in of the Constitution by Princess Leonor. (EFE)

With a half-smile on her lips, the Asturian seemed to notice every detail And faces, seeking the gaze of those attending her daughter’s big day He nodded discreetly as he met the other’s eyes.

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After Armengol began the session, the Princess of Asturias began to appear nervous, because instead of focusing on politics, she often glanced at her parents or sister, who responded with a light smile.

When his big moment came to recite the oath and recite the formula used by his father, Leonor showed all his professionalism. “I swear to fulfill my duties faithfully, to ensure the observance of the Constitution and laws, the rights of citizens and autonomous communities, and to be loyal to the King”He spelled out the Magna Carta with one hand, looking at his father the moment he mentioned it.

Princess Leonor takes the oath of office in the Constitution before the President of the Congress Francina Armengol (EFE/Ballesteros POOL).

Then came the ‘hurrahs’, Each is superior to the last At last, the addressee of the nation was not even heard to interject. “Long live the Constitution!”, “Long live the King!”, “Long live Spain!”, is there Roar Congress of Representatives.

When everyone was already on their feet, the applause began for the Princess of Asturias, and she dreaded several minutes of applause, In many cases it turns red. She was also nervous because she kept clenching her fists as if trying to control herself. During his mother’s daughter’s tribute, Leonor repeated what the Queen had been doing moments earlier and looked around the audience, smiling at those who looked back at her. When she does that, Her parents saw herLeticia with a special sparkle in her eyes and Felipe with pride that he could not hide and did not want to hide.

King Felipe shares moments of complicity with his daughter. (EFE/Ballesteros POOL)

The ruckus lasted longer than expected, so Armengol tried several times to take the floor to close the session, though without success. To ease Leonor’s slight discomfort, the absolute center of all eyes, Felipe VI supported her with two kisses. A gesture of affection followed by his mother, he no doubt appreciated. Infanta Sophia, however, confined herself to sharing with her one of the familiar appearances of which they had boasted on several occasions.

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