Leo Castellan says it could be a bridge to Dongond’s Palmarola

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The Dongond Airport Can be used as a bridge to the new international airport Palmerola, Confirmed by Leo Castellin, supervisor of the Public Private Partnership (SAPP).

“Since then Palmerola Open controls Dongond Airport To use 30 passenger planes. If they are local airlines, it depends on the supply and demand of regional airlines and possible agreements with neighboring countries to consider regional flights as local, ”the official explained.


The distance between Palmarola (Gomagua) and Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, is 70 kilometers.

“The possibility remains open, how an airport is going to operate without the flow it needs to operate, it does not have to become an additional burden on the state, that’s why everything is in the contract,” Castellin promised. Possibilities for that Can act as an aerial-land bridge with the Palmerola of Doncont“.

The Palmerola International Airport It will be ready for operation on October 15, but the flight departure depends on the airlines.

airport DankantonWhen the deal was established, it was active for national flights, not international flights, Leo Castell recalled.

“Holding is useless Dankanton If the same airlines internationally stop landing due to demand, ”said SAPP’s supervisor.

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