Lega A Puerto Rico “Beyond Van Gogh: High Speed ​​Experience”

Popular exhibition “Beyond the Van Gogh: High Speed ​​Experience”, Created by the renowned Canadian studio “Normal Studios”, will arrive on the island for the first time and will be installed at the Petron Jorilla Coliseum on Haddo Rail from November 13th.

Tickets for the immersion experience inspired by the life and work of painter Vincent van Gogh will go on sale this Friday, October 15 at 10:00 am Ticketera.com.

After a successful presentation in Europe, Van Gogh’s film screenings have been successfully recognized in the United States for the past few years. “Beyond the Van Gogh: High Speed ​​Experience “, Featuring a rich and unique multimedia experience and the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” using state-of-the-art projection technology developed by some of the world’s best audiovisual designers.

Likewise, the exhibition presents the challenge of giving new life to Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece. Use the experience as a story using the artist’s own dreams, thoughts and words. At the exhibition, guests will focus on the walls and lighting, color, spiral, dance and flowers, cafes and landscapes that are in the works of the Dutch artist.

“Beyond Van Gogh: High Speed ​​Experience” is a rich and unique multimedia experience that uses sophisticated project technology. (Given by)

“We are very excited and proud to present this wonderful exhibition in Puerto Rico. The exhibition is made up of Vincent van Gogh’s iconic works of art that take participants into a three-dimensional world, positioning them within paintings and stimulating their emotions. To achieve an unforgettable experience, ”commented producer Paco Lopez on behalf of Ariel Rivas Entertainment, Primo Entertainment and the Producers Association in association with Sophisticated Mind.

El Recarido de “Beyond Van Gogh: The High Speed ​​Experience”, An opportunity for viewers to immerse themselves in more than 300 works, including classics such as “The Story Night”, “Sunflowers” and “Cafe Terrace at Night”.. Van Gogh’s art comes to life, appears and disappears, flows on many surfaces and captures emotions with its immense details.

The words of the painter, with a symphonic score, combine together a tour where viewers find a new appreciation for the impressive work of one of the best and most controversial artists of the last 250 years. Through his works, they can experience the feeling of Van Gogh, immersed in his writings, and very intimate thoughts to understand the emotions and pain behind his paintings.

Classic works of art are projected in 3D formats.
Classic works of art are projected in 3D formats. (Given by)

Classical artwork is planned 3D shapes, offers different angles Guests can experience energy, enthusiasm and the beauty of work like never before.

40 million people have lived through this unique experience in the United States, and now it is the turn of Puerto Rico.

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