Learn how to spot if a dollar is fake just by using your cell phone

If you are one of those people who prefer to use cash, but I have sometimes questioned whether your dollar Whether it is genuine or not, there is nothing to worry about anymore; Government United State Developed a mobile application called “cash assistanceWhich you will be able to tell if you have some Fake dollars.

The app developed by Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System It was launched in 2021 and it is available in both Android and iOS version, here we share more details about it and how you can use it.

How can I detect if my dollars are fake?

There are several characteristics that can determine whether you have it dollar False or authentic, including color Fake dollars usually have a lighter color. The other aspect that you should take into consideration is textureYou can get acquainted with a fake invoice Because of its texture, it tends to have a softer texture and has a waxy coating that tends to fall off when scraped.

He specifies validity of your tickets with help Watermarkthe picture quality From characters to letters, of course security thread.

How to use Cash Assist app to detect fake dollars?

If you want to use cash assistance The first thing you need to know is that The application itself will not tell you if the banknote is fake or not, but it will provide you with various interactive tools So that you yourself can learn how to identify and understand the security seals on your tickets.

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If you want to know The health of your dollars All you have to do is scan the bill to see how the app recognizes its denomination, but you can also do that by selecting an image of the dollar value at the bottom.

If your ticket does not match the image displayed, you can click on the illustration “My ticket looks differentto enter the section where you can see all versions that your ticket category has to recognize if your version belongs to a design from the past.

Similarly, in the application you can see an extensive catalog containing information about Banknote security featuresThrough which you can report any fake bill that you come across.

Say goodbye to base coin with help cash assistance And become an expert in recognition original banknotes.

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