Learn about Clara Chia Marti’s reprehensible gesture with Shakira at the Gerard Piqué party

Undoubtedly, the history of separation between Shakira And Gerrard, knowing that they had maintained a bond for more than a decade, was happy to go around the world because of the huge controversy that had arisen between the two.

BK’s betrayal of the Colombian singer was highly resented by his followers and fans, so they did not want Clara Chia MartyDespite already appearing in public and being the lens of cameras and paparazzi, the new and young couple of the ex-footballer did not make a good impression.

Their love is now official and they are not hiding it from the cameras. Source: Instagram clarachimartireal_oficial

Additionally, the singles he has released are included Shakira In 2022, she showed what she really felt, she was able to tell the truth about the facts, and she discovered that they were betraying her, for which her audience defended her beloved singer tooth and nail in order to humiliate Clara.

This is Clara Chia Marti’s take on Shakira:

Clara’s bad attitude towards Shakira would have left her very low. Source: Shakira’s Instagram

Recently, a message was published that Clara Sia Marti had gone very badly because of her attitude with Shakira, which undoubtedly angered her fans, and the young woman would have asked the Colombian for a photo. Together, knowing what he is doing Gerard PQ And what is going to happen

ClearHe asked the famous singer for a photo during a party where the ex-footballer was, for which he approached the artist very stealthily and quietly, proving that nothing happened with his ex-partner.

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