Leaks reveal that the Redmi K40 phones will get the Snapdragon 888 processor

The leaks revealed that the phones Redmi K40 Xiaomi, which will be released under its brand Redmi, will be released with a processor Snapdragon 888 It is the best processor ever available for Android phones and it works just like the primary phones.
According to the Kismosina site Redmi K40 Phones As it was the first flagship phone with this processor, it is expected to be offered with the same processor as the Xiaomi Mi11 primary phone which was launched a few days back.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor in the US offers 6.4GB of speed, more performance with smartphones, and saves users’ energy consumption, making the Redmi K40 phones the first intermediate phones to receive such a processor.

The Redmi K40 phones come with a large 6.5-inch LED screen and an update rate of 120 Hz per second, which is a very different rate because it rarely comes with middle-class phones, except for a peak at the top of the screen for the selfie camera, which is provided with a pop-up mechanism.

The main camera on the Redmi K40 phones will be 108 megapixels, with the Samsung HM2 sensor from Samsung, the Redmi Note 9 Pro camera and a periscope lens, X12 and X120 optical zoom.

The Redmi K40 will have a 4820 mAh battery, but the actual capacity is set to 5000 mAh, and it supports 33W faster charging.

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