Laura G was the next to be fired from Venga La Alegria after William Valdez left.

Tension in the morning program forumHappiness will come“Every day it is getting bigger, there have been changes in the management of the TV station A recognized departure from the cast of the popular showThe surprising departure of William Valdez.

Departure of the Cuban driver Gender A domino effect of speculation surrounding his dismissalControversy first arose around William’s reasons for leaving the showIt was also said that his exit was a planned move by the actors. This raised expectations as to who would be the next person to exit the programme.

But the controversy seems to have died down after Friday, November 4 Journalist Alex Coffey, Leaving Venga La Alegria is Laura G.

Looks like Laura G Venga will leave La Alegria
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Will Laura G leave the morning show?

It’s done Column by journalist Alex Coffey Inside The Herald of Mexico, The following are now known There will be a major change in the cast of Venga La Alegria. “TV Azteca’s next layoff this morning involves a native of Monterrey,” the journalist wrote.

Without going into further details, Alex Coffey wrote the following On Laura G’s departure from the morning show:

“I just found out that Laura G is next on Venga La Alegria’s list of “layoffs”. TV Azteca’s new management will soon offer her services. The end of her cycle is near.” Alex Coffey writes for El Heraldo de Mexico.

Be it the actors of the show or its producers They are yet to officially confirm the actress’ exitis almost certain Radical changes will continue in the morning program of TV Azteca And Laura G’s exit from the project is finalized.

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