Laura Bosso explodes against Christian Estrada in the middle of the La Casa de los Famosos 4 gala

Famous House 4 It has seen a tense week marked by the surprise departure of Tali Garcia. However, the controversies are not just the interior of the house, since recently, A conflict between Laura Bozo And Christian Estrada It has attracted the attention of fans Reality.

The focus of the odds arose when Christian Estrada decided to surprise Aleska Genesis With one visit, a move that prompted direct criticism from Laura Bozo. The legendary host did not hesitate to express his opinion, harshly criticizing Estrada and questioning the authenticity of his gesture.

“So much love, so much love and her son that she doesn't support. I'll tell you what I think. You're here. Alicia Machado“Laura Bosso's unfiltered words address the controversy surrounding Christian Estrada and her relationship with him. MARIA FERNANDA CROSHis son's mother, with whom he had custody and cohabitation disputes with the minor.

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The conflict between Cristian Estrada and Maria Fernanda Queiroz, also known as Ferga, came to light in late 2022 when a viral video on social networks showed a distraught Ferga condemning Estrada for taking her son without her permission, sparking a reaction. A chain of controversies and legal battles between ex-spouses.

Since then, the relationship between Estrada and Quiroz has been the subject of media attention, with several episodes fueling controversy and exposing underlying tensions.

Christian Estrada's visit to Alaska Genesis turned out to be the last chapter in a story marked by intrigue. and public conflicts. While some interpreted the gesture as an act of affection and intimacy, others, like Laura, saw it as a distraction from the real issues the actor faces regarding parenthood and paternal responsibility.

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In this situation, Laura Bozo did not hesitate to play a leading role by openly expressing her opinion.

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