Laugh for a while with funny animal photos – they are rewarded

The Wild Comedy Photography Awards announced the 2021 finalists, and the photos lived up to the slogan that they are the funniest in the world, from boxing kangaroos to cheek-to-cheek dragonflies.

The competition started in 2015 with its co-founders Paul Johnson-Hicks and Tom Sullum. Johnson-Hicks started the competition after realizing that humorous wildlife photos are a special way to raise safety awareness for these funny animals.

Smiling blue dragonfly. “Don’t worry, just be happy,” Axel Packer wrote. Hemer, Germany. (Photo: Axel Packer /

The competition accepts thousands of funny pictures from around the world and promotes conversation about wildlife conservation. Johnson-Hicks says there were a large number of competitors this year.

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“We were overwhelmed by the number of quality entries this year, with over 7,000 photos submitted from every corner of the globe,” says Johnson-Hicks. “This is a wonderful vote, especially considering the impact of the epidemic.

Facial two-colored stars. “Monday Crumbly” by Andrew Mayes. Wrightly Nature Reserve, South Africa. (Photo: Andrew Mayes / Comedy

“The amount of images we receive each year illustrates our appetite for engaging in conversation, and reminds us that wildlife is truly amazing and humorous, and we must do everything we can to preserve it,” he adds.

Each year, the competition donates 10 percent of its net income to a security company. This year the competition is presented to the Kunung Balung Orangutan Conservation Project, which works to protect wild orangutans in Borneo.

Gives a brown bear pose in Alaska. “Draw me as one of your French bears” by Venona Suidum. Kodiak, Alaska. (Photo: Venona Selfie /

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Organizers say this year’s finalists will include a mix of the largest animals to date.

The contest also opened the category of “Popular Election”, which was awarded to the photo with the most votes.

A meadow dog tries to repel the eagle. “Prairie Dog Ninja” by Arthur Trevino. Longmond, USA. (Photo: Arthur Trevino /

Past “People’s Choice” winners include the amazing Alaskan Otter floating in the water and the ground squirrel singing to the Oprah. Voting in the “popular election” category will continue until October 10.

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“It was much harder to reduce the list of photos than it was before this year,” says Sullam. “There were so many funny photos that made us laugh, we could not agree on the first 40, so we put the first 42 instead!”

Two kangaroos fight in a field. “Failure” by Lee Skaden. Perth, Western Australia. (Photo: Lea Scaddan /

42 photos show a funny moment like a kangaroo missing a kick during a fight in Australia. Some of the other major competitors include the display of the Kodiak brown bear on the rock and the attempt to repel a bald eagle by a meadow dog.

The division and overall winners will be announced on October 22nd. Best Picture Winning a week-long safari with Alex Walkers’ Serian camp in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Park and a handmade trophy from Tanzania. My


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