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For eight years, Henry Adrian Milla Campusano Felt untouchable There are call centers in Peru that sell fake English courses Hispanics are newcomers to the United States. It was on the hook Multi-million dollar fraud And he thought he was legally safe by running this criminal program from the south of the continent. It is not so.

Milla Campusano, 37, who was arrested by Peruvian authorities on the basis of a extradition request issued by the US government, was deceived in January 2020. The offender was handed over last October, knowing he could not win his case, and he pleaded guilty in federal court in South Florida. Justice was served last Tuesday on behalf of thousands of victims: The judge sentenced him to more than nine years in prison.

Milla Campusano is the co-owner of a telephone exchange ‘Active Latin’ And ‘Latin action’, It operated a legal business in Lima, the capital of Peru.

From April 2011 until his arrest last year, he and his associates called on Hispanics in the United States to sell English courses and then threatened to report them to the police, claiming that they still had outstanding debts. That Imprison them and deport them. They knew in advance that most of their victims were undocumented.

Thus they illegally received “millions of dollars” from people who agreed to send money to avoid legal problems in this country. Some of the fraudsters live in South Florida.

“The caller threatened the victims with legal actions, negative marks in credit histories, imprisonment and immigration consequences, as well as alleged non-payment of goods and fees to be paid,” the indictment said.

They called relatives and friends of the victims and threatened to prosecute or report them to authorities, he explains. A statement Southern District of Florida (DOJ)

Accomplices of fraud

“Defendants in this case deceived immigrants by falsely claiming to provide free products to improve their English. In fact, the accused dragged their victims into the trap of intimidation and fear, making them worse, causing significant financial losses and often emotional scars from these crimes,” said Assistant District Attorney Brian M. Pointon said in a statement to the Civil Division of the Judiciary.

With this culprit, five leaders of the Latinos in Action have already been handed over and prosecuted in Florida court. Everyone pleaded guilty.

Four associates of Milla Campusano have already been convicted. It’s about a convicted jersey renderia Imprisonment for more than eight years; And Bernan Hurta, Omar Cuscano and Ewing Milla, each He faces up to seven years in prison.

The other two convicts, Carlos Espinosa Hurta and Josmel Espinosa Hurta, escaped arrest for some time, but were later arrested in Peru and deported on June 25. Both are being held at the Miami Federal Detention Center. His trial is set to begin on February 14, 2022.

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