Last message from Karen Mayorga

Karen Mayorga Zacharias, 20, was studying nursing.

Karen Patricia Mayorga Zacharias (20) was found dead in Jacaba, Guatemala.

According to the Public Ministry, she died of strangulation.

That’s the last thing we heard Karen Patricia Mayorga Zacharias, 20 years old, It was on September 14 around 7 pm.

A call to her aunt to pick her up at Jagaba bus terminal scared them. After that she had Isabel-Claudina activate the warning so they wouldn’t hear from her again.

Mayorga Zacharias’ dream was to graduate as a nurse and support her family.

He enrolled in the Health Sciences program at Rafael Landiver University.

But the agony began when she told them over the phone that an unknown person was chasing her and feared that he would do something to her.

They heard her distraught over communications. After that he disappeared.

That night and the early hours of September 15, the family searched everywhere for her. They activated the alert and asked the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP) to search for her.

They explained to them that she had expressed fear for her life.

Early in the morning they insisted on searching for her, but it was not until the morning of September 15 that a photo went viral on social networks, alerting the family. A dead body of a person was found, and indeed, upon arrival, They found out that the young woman.

The location of the boyfriend-made cell phone coincided with a valley separating the two Jagapanega colonies. In a ditch in the area, they found Karen Patricia’s body, unclothed and only wearing her bra.

The last message Karen sent to her family was that someone was following her.

2023/09/1716:17H. / Internet writing

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