Las Lucas driver fired for joking about election in Cuba

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Cuban rapper Jennifer Heidi, known in the art world as Malaca, revealed that she was kicked out of the popular TV show Lucas after her publication on social networks that made a joke about the island’s controversial elections.

Malaga was the host of the program dedicated to the promotion of the national video clip, but he was told that he would no longer continue in it. He personally explained this in a video on his channel Network lighton Monday.

“It was basically the trigger to kick me out of Las Lucas, a joke,” the young woman said after exposing the tweet, for which they decided to kick her out. The tweet included a photo of Malaga with her partner. “Celebrating another year without voting…rubbish,” he wrote next to the picture.

He also said that they communicated with him through WhatsApp. “They didn’t even talk to me personally … I was stunned,” she admitted. The news came while shooting his video clip early in the morning. After completing the process, early in the morning, he read the message.

“I didn’t understand at least in that message that I was no longer in the program, and then I understood. A second text sent by the producer of the show clarified the situation. “The director should be sorry, I wrote him well, he is a person I love, respect and admire a lot, I learned a lot from him and everyone” He commented.

“It’s hard because, at the same time, I feel like I’m not doing anything. I’ve just said what I think and never talked about the show,” he lamented. , because it was always a concern in my mind,” he said. .

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“If I don’t talk about what’s going on, I feel like it’s like a cancer inside me that’s consuming me from the inside out,” she said. Likewise, he assured that the majority of people who worked in the field of art thought like him about the reality of the country.

“Actors, filmmakers, music composers all think like me, the majority. They are the ones who always talk about it with their friends and never say it. And, thanks to that, they keep their jobs and who they are. But inside me it’s like a problem and I feel it’s beyond me,” the young woman enthused.

Malacca is characterized by a very controversial discourse and a very bold and different image among the female representatives of the urban type in the island. In 2022 he won the Lucas Award for Best Urban Music Video.

“I have had a life of always swimming against the current in all aspects. I want to be an artist, and the first minute I knew my family didn’t want it, everything doesn’t matter to you, once you break that barrier you have to keep going,” he said. Interview for magazine. OnCuba.

Created in 1997 by television director Orlando Cruzata, the main objective of the Lucas Project is to promote and disseminate the Cuban video clip, as well as stimulate the production of the genre in Cuba. Each year, the Lucas Awards are created to recognize outstanding achievement.

Drivers who have gone through the program include: Tony Arroyo, Hiran Vega, Edith Mazzola, Ricoberto Ferreira, Frank Abel, Luis Silva and Paula Rodriguez.

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On Sunday, March 26, nearly 25% of Cubans did not go to the polls in elections called by the Havana regime to elect 470 representatives to the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament).

For the elections, 8,120,072 people were summoned, of whom 6,164,876 went to vote, representing 75.92% of the electorate according to official figures.

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