Large American voters gathered to recognize Joe Biden’s victory. Democratic victory was confirmed in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona

The AFP reports that key U.S. voters gathered across the United States on Monday to recognize Joe Biden’s victory.

Former Vice President Barack Obama, who will take over as the country’s 46th president on January 20, will deliver an evening speech in Wilmington, Delaware, celebrating the “power and regression” of American democracy.

There are traditionally no spectators for this test, which takes place in every state. But this year it will be broadcast live after weeks of legal battles as Donald Trump does not concede defeat.

Before four traditional voters could vote in his favor, New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu said, “Show the world today more than ever, without respecting tradition.” Joe Biden.

In Harrisburg, the top 20 Pennsylvania voters voted for Joe Biden. “This is a great day for democracy, freedom, and Pennsylvania,” said Nancy Mills, the Democrat leader of the state that emerged in 2020 despite Donald Trump winning in 2016.

Sixteen people in Georgia and 11 in Arizona voted for Biden.

The results of the Nov. 3 election have already been certified in each of the 50 U.S. states: the Democrats recorded 81.28 million votes, or 51.3% of the vote, compared to 74.22 million (46, 8%) for the current position of Republican leader.

But in the United States, the White House tenant is indirectly elected by universal suffrage, with each state generally allocating large numbers of voters, depending on their population, to the first candidate to win domestically.

The certified results confirm Joe Biden’s comfortable progress, announced by the big media trusts on November 7, with Donald Trump having 306 large voters compared to 232.

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California will also have to cross the 270-large voter limit for Joe Biden this afternoon when voting.

538 Large voters are close to local politics, civil society figures or a candidate. Most of them are unknown to the general public, but national personalities are also part of the Electoral College.

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