Lagaro assures that the machine has intensified in politics

Before announcing his departure from Puerto Rico’s electoral politics, attorney Alexandra Lacaro explained the reasons for leaving, criticized the machine he had and talked about his future work.

In an interview with Radio Islam, the former candidate for governor of the Citizens Victory Movement spoke about how difficult it is to get himself into the politics of the country, to come up with a different mindset and confront power structures.

“It is very difficult to get into politics, but more than that if you are a woman, if you are young, if you are free to speak your mind, if you are willing to face the structures that have brought us here for so many years,” he commented.

In order to get past independent candidates for governor and 11 percent electoral support, he said, “That machine has intensified since it was normalized. You have to enter a simple search to find Twitter and the wrong search.”

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As for the reasons for his withdrawal from politics, the lawyer talked about the various reasons that led him to make this decision, from the economic reality in which he lived for the last six years from his daughter, to the income he says he did not earn.

“I can’t deny that this is a factor (his daughter) that somehow affects the decision, but it doesn’t weigh very heavily. My family has supported me during that process, my family knows why I got into electoral politics, they know how dirty electoral politics can be,” he said. Unfortunately my daughter had to look at how we live in a country from a very young age.There are professional or ethical lines that transcend what is most precious to a man, and if that man is preparing to face very specific interests, in that sense, my daughter understands it, My family understood that, with everything we have, I tried to keep that center safe, it was a huge burden and, no doubt, as part of the economy, I will continue to try to help the country, that During the process, we have to make innumerable arrangements as one does not earn income, ”he said.

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Not interested in politics in his youth, the former candidate for governor expressed his desire that the seats he passed should be occupied by others. “I think I can personally contribute from other places to change things that I like in one type of movement,” he said.

Currently, the graduate says he has many job opportunities and will soon announce where he will go, although he has not accepted any unselected position in government.

Lagaro was an independent candidate for governor in the 2016 election and then ran for the same office in 2020 under the Victoria Ceutana movement.

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