LaBorte clarifies doubts and gives account of Messi’s departure from Barcelona

Barcelona – Barcelona issued a statement this Thursday afternoon stating that they could not sign Leo Messi’s new contract and, frankly, accepted the departure of the Argentine footballer.

In this way his era at Camp Nove ended. Closing? After a frantic afternoon, the club called a press conference for President John LaBorte on Friday morning … and by then speculation was flying in all directions.

The official source for the Barசாa club sent a clear message to ESPN Deportes: “It’s over,” he said bluntly, and Joan LaBorte will provide concrete explanations to argue about what happened and how everything was created. In the last few months from the club, the message of hope has spread, all of a sudden, nothing.

Leo Messi will not continue in Barcelona … or at least the club announced in that brief, cool and impersonal three-paragraph statement that it will not be able to sign a new contract due to “rules of the Spanish league”. The current situation creates “insurmountable economic and structural barriers”.

But nothing around the Argentine star can be considered penalized, all of a sudden there was speculation on the podium, supported by a deadly silence from the footballer’s side, the novel is not over and the announcement of the Barசாa club is nothing but a measure of pressure on La Liga and Javier Depos Or guess.

One year ago, at the end of August 2020, as the first person, the player who wanted to sever ties with Barcelona through a parfax, in which he was asked to leave immediately due to differences with Joseph Maria. Bartomeu, Joan Laporte, with whom he has always maintained a very loving relationship, opened the door to hope for the presidency.

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Also, if Bar பார்a knew the president, nothing could be taken for granted … and there was no reaction from Messi’s allies until the club’s announcement on June 30. Not a farewell message on social media, not a word. Is poker a game? No one dares to judge that Messi has been playing for a club other than Bar பார்a since this season …

But, at the same time, a play is suspected to be as bizarre as impossible. Thursday, August 5 …

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