La Paz | Peruvian team rejects Bolivia's invitation to play in Copa America 2024

The Peruvian team wants to play a friendly before the start of the 2024 Copa America, but all indications are that it will not accept the proposal of a particular team.

The Peruvian team may reject the friendly match. | Photo: Luis Jimenez / LÍBERO

One of the Peruvian team's priorities is to find suitable opponents to play in friendlies ahead of the Copa America. However, LÍBERO was able to know 'Two colorsDoes not accept a team's invitation to play as a spectator.

truly, Bolivia He recently proposed a plan for George Fossati's team to play in La Paz. However, the national team intends to carry out its preparation matches America and LimaHence this offer will be rejected.

Photo: Luis Jimenez / LÍBERO

As of now, it is not confirmed whether to face Peru Bolivia and Venezuela, another of his potential rivals. However, we will try to get opponents for the national team before the international tournament in June.

How does the Peruvian team fare in the Copa America?

The Peruvian team recently started a new process under technical guidance George Fossati. After the departure of Juan Reynoso, the Uruguayan coach started to take charge of the national team on his right foot.

In fact, Peru recently won two of its friendlies in FIFA history Nicaragua (2-0) and Dominican Republic (4-1). However, both coach and players have indicated that the Copa America 2024 'penalty' still needs to be improved.

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