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The dissemination of art in the community is one of the goals of ConArte, It is installed in the neighborhood of Guerrero, where girls and boys, young and old meet for workshops, lessons or leisure moments inside a building belonging to the industrial heritage of the early twentieth century.

You can take primary and secondary lessons, dance, sing, draw, dance, photograph, use computer rooms, enjoy a movie, or learn a profession in La Nana, the urban laboratory for committed artswhich is dedicated to promoting these activities in communities in peripheral areas and with social risks.

For Grisel Aguirre, coordinator of La Nana, it is necessary to “promote new creative capacities, expressiveness and self-recognition, and promote a culture of peace to shape a more equitable, sensitive and inclusive society”.

One of the primary purposes of this civic association is to bring together children who spend a lot of time on the street, As is the case for those who accompany their parents in their daily commerceThis reduces the hours they are subjected to street harassment or supermarkets.

Gressel explained that the different spaces in La Nana “help to do their schoolwork, to meet others of the same age and with teachers who encourage training, technical and community experiences, prevention, social reintegration and a gender perspective.”

With the support of SEP and Conafe, La Nana pursues new goals

In the industrial heritage building since the beginning of the twentieth century, whose function was to provide power for the trains that arrived at the station, La Nana, so named because it was the provider, retained, in the name of the cultural project, Which provides the students who come to this place with energy to continue their educational and technical training.

La Nana has become the sponsor for hundreds of children who, they and their parents, prefer that they spend more time in this space suitable for their development and social growth, Through courses and coexistence.

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In her 14 years working for Grisel Aguirre, I have been able to witness the growth of all those who benefit from the effort she and her colleagues have made to serve the population, through ConArte, whose motto is Educar y Vivir.

The siege of the epidemic and the lack of technological resources in homes have forced many children to stop taking lessons, so In La Nana, they started working to contribute to the education of the underprivileged To connect online and continue your studies.

“We have a school that is supported by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the National Council for Education Development (Conafe), and they provide us with teachers who teach children throughout the year,” Aguirre commented.

He also explained that they worked with “the kids who were here at the fine arts camp, the Trekeez kids. But they’re not the only kids who come in, Children also come who did not have access to a school system, to a public school or children who have dropped out of school due to the pandemic.”

It is the first school in the historic center with these characteristics and a school system, said Grisel with pride. Assessments, assignments, qualifications, “It’s our second year, and ready to welcome more kids.”

For the La Nana coordinator, the achievement is the children’s progress and development, a drive that keeps her active, and pushes her to seek more resources than Sprinkle everyone who comes to this space that was founded in 2009 In a colony with a large fixed and floating population.

Creative energy without age

La Nana’s corridors reflect the momentum of its students with artwork adorning the walls, carvings on furniture, shelves or hanging to brighten up the space that awaits laughter and hope.

In this place visited by between 300 and 500 people, Every day is a new challenge, sometimes resources are limitedbut is always necessary to support and change perspective through art and has a place for them regardless of region, language, disability or beliefs.

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From 2009 until now, what we do is mainly community art workshops; Music, Dance, Theatre, Photography and Video. Exhibitions are also held and we work with the Institute for Social Reintegration, we have various workshops, It is for the community of young children, adults and the elderly. There is no specific age‘ Grisel shared.

Joint work with the government allowed them to expand the free offer to attend, for example, create a choir. “The idea of ​​this choir is a 10-month training for boys and girls from 7 years old, from 7 to 14 years old. The idea is that at the end of this choir training process, an album can be recorded professionally; they participate in this recording with Discos Orfeón.”

Re-discover yourself through artistic expressions

Hand in hand with the historical center, they work with the Reinventarte program, with five workshops, the first of which is; The A creative space for moms, dads, seniors and kidsThey are dedicated to preparing Mexican desserts, giving them the opportunity to learn and live together and also a way to generate income.

Other free workshops are History in Pictures, a work of humor; Both the vignettes to create a character and access to the creation of their own comics will be worked on, with the goal of creating their own original publication, with the talent of each of the participants.

DesfonterArte, Children’s Plastic Arts, focuses on working on talent through painting and sculpture, with Tools and techniques that minors will use to bring out their creativity.

Acordes de mi Barrio, is not only a guitar workshop, but also the possibility of approaching the music, through the implementation of an instrument that can, in this case, be accessible to almost all students.

FotografiAndo is a photography workshop for teenagersThis aims to bring students closer to graphic art through the lenswith effective resources by the teacher to make the most of the talents of the attendees.

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A children’s shelter is exposed on the street and its dangers

La Nana has become the patroness of hundreds of children who, like their parents, prefer They spend more time in this space suitable for their development and social growthThrough courses and coexistence.

In her 14 years working for Grisel Aguirre, I have been able to watch the growth of all those who benefit from the effort she and her colleagues have made to serve the population, By ConArte, whose motto is Educar y Vivir.

Some of the workshops that are offered in this place are free of charge and others, by quota system, for updates in the workshops it is important to contact them, or go to 2do. Alley of San Juan de Dios No. 25. Colonel Guerrero, del Cuauhtemoc.

In addition to donations, another way to support the sustainability of this space is to rent out facilities for special events and photography, among others at: And by mail to [email protected] with the following information: Organization/company/product, name of representative, type of event, date and time of venue rental.

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And in the same email, you can request a guided tour with the following information: where the visit comes from, the name of the representative, the number of attendees (maximum 10, for larger groups, request information via email), the date and time of the visit.

For Geisel, it is clear that a change in children’s perspective is possible with the help of others, so she is advocating For residents to get to know this space that generates art and energy.

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