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Being tired and not being able to fall asleep is usually the result of different factors, but among those who toss and turn in bed, Keep watching the clock To know what time it is and how many hours of rest are there, Insomnia worsens and creates long-term health problems.

Both worries, daily responsibilities and a very busy life often cause insomnia, including excessive exposure to screens such as cell phones, tablets, notebooks or televisions. According to world statistics, the truth is that you can’t sleep It affects 4 to 22% of adults and is associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. In future.

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Yes right A common reaction is to look at the clock from time to time According to research from Indiana University in the US, tracking the time while trying to fall asleep doesn’t help us estimate how much time we have until we finally get to rest. , Worsening insomnia and increasing consumption of sleeping pills.

One thing people can do is flip or hide their watch, the expert suggested. Photo: Illustration

The study focused on A sample of nearly 5,000 patients attending a sleep clinic, They filled out different questionnaires about the severity of their insomnia Use of sleeping pills and time to monitor their own behavior While trying to sleep. They were also questioned about any psychiatric diagnosis.

“We found that the time spent observing behavior primarily affected it In the use of sleeping pills it aggravates the symptoms of insomnia”, Spencer Dawson, the expert who led the investigation, explained. Additionally, people worry about not getting enough sleep, so, They start counting how long it will take to fall back asleep and when to wake up.

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“An activity that helps facilitate the ability to fall asleep is not: You’re under a lot of stress, and it’s hard to sleep. Mentioned. In other words, when frustration with insomnia increases, people are more likely to turn to sleep aids in an attempt to control their sleep. A simple behavioral intervention can help people with insomnia.

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“Something people can do Flipping or hiding your watch, removing the smartwatch, putting the phone away So they don’t look at the time, there’s nowhere to look at a particularly useful clock”, suggested the expert in psychology and sleep.

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