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One of the most beloved comedians in Mexico will always be remembered for ‘Excelsa’ in this series. “”. The Argentine actress was able to mark her character back and forth in her artistic career, and this iconic character continues to enjoy the popularity it has given her to this day.

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Although Eugenio Terbes’ project ended in 2012, the 48-year-old translator continues to wear the uniform of a loving housekeeper and give various presentations, where he entertains his most loyal fans with his humorous comedic ideas.

In a recent interview with the show “”, Barbara Torres reveals how this iconic character came to be, and how she decided to immigrate to Mexico.

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Creation of Perfara Torres and Excelsa

Barbara Torres She ended her teaching and directing career in Argentina, so she immediately went to work on a state channel in her home country, was part of various drama missions, and a friend in that part of the theater asked her why she was not doing so I was going to do commercials in Mexico.

The actress accepted the offer and came to Mexico with very little money: “I’m coming, my sister said to me: ‘I’ll hire you for a hotel’, I said: ‘No, I’m going to a hostel.’ I never went to a hotel, it was cool when you were young, but suddenly they put you to bed with 6 rooms ”.

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“La Familia P. Looch” (Photo: Televisa) starred Barbara Torres Excelza in three seasons.

“I started doing commercials, and from there they sent me to Eugenio, who did not know me, to do a cast; he told me to do a character; I brought clean characters in my suitcase, very little in my clothes: a nurse, a German security chief … I did the animation.Prepare something with Excelza’s original EsmeraldidaHe recalled. “

“From there I did a monologue presented by Eugenio, which is Excelsa, the highest person of the spiritual genre”, Remember.

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