“La Divasa” “La Casa de los Famosos 4” – Metro becomes Puerto Rico's psychosis

Venezuelan content creator Pedro Figueira, known as “La Divasa”.Monday night was perfect, the fifth consecutive time the man was eliminated in the fourth season reality showHome of the famous“(Telemundo).

A resident of “La Casa de los Famosos 4” was evicted after assaulting another

Since the program started last January, Figueroa Nominates someone with two points who, curiously, will be kicked out of the tournament after a few days.

“La Divasa” kisses another man in “The House of the Famous 4”.

“Divasa” Nominated the first five to be eliminated from LCDLF 4; Christian Estrada, Leslie Gallardo, Fernando Lozada, Mariana Gonzalez And Sophie Durant.

In the latest nomination, made last Thursday, the Venezuelan nominated his compatriot Carlos Gomez, who was expelled on Sunday after punching another resident in the face.

“La Divasa” becomes the psychopath of “La Casa de los Famosos 4”

Sophie became the fifth to be eliminated from LCDLF 4

Mexican actress Sophie Durant On Monday night, she became the fifth citizen to be eliminated from the fourth season reality show “The House of the Famous” (Telemundo).

For their part, Spanish Cristina Porta, Clovis Nienov, Rodrigo Rome and Ariadna Gutierrez were saved by audience votes.

LCDLF 4 started on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 and now has 15 residents after the eviction of Christian Estrada, Leslie Gallardo, Fernando Lozada, Mariana Gonzalez, Sophie Durand, the disqualification of Tali Garcia, the resignation of the Colorio actor Grecolombian. Titi” Bernia and the expulsion of Carlos Gomez.

The winner of the project, which is expected to last 17 weeks (four months), will win a $200,000 prize.

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