La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: This is Lupilo Rivera's plan to bring Tali Garcia back to reality

After wearing false nails, Clovis asks for help with his daily activities, from changing clothes to helping himself to breakfast; However, no one wants to help him as part of the challenge.

La Divasa promised them to work as a team and if not, the contestant would be eliminated. In this case he mentions Christina Porta.

Clovis showed off her fake and painted nails in front of the cameras of La Casa de los Famezos to meet the challenge and ask people for their votes to avoid the next elimination from the reality show.

La Divaza, Clovis Nienow, Rodrigo Romeh and Ariadna Gutiérrez will be lovers for 24 hours and couples will rotate.

Recently, the participants of the new season of the reality television show Telemundo And they talked about it, including two characters Rodrigo Rome And Ariadna Gutierrez. All 4 people agreed to that They will be lovers to save their roomrespectively, for 24 hours starting after the elimination round on the following Monday, February 19.

This includes I will send At this time, La Divaza and Clovis Nienow are the first and most anticipated according to Internet users on social networks.

In La Casa de los Famosos 4 La Divasa has a new lover; He is the Mexican who beat him in the show

The participants of the popular Telemundo reality show have become a trend on social networks due to the huge “shipping” fans have for them.

La Divaza and Clovis Nienow will be dating for 24 hours in La Casa de los Famosos 4: Telemundo

Although her first kiss was with Alfredo Adam, Divas He seems to be interested in someone else and he reciprocates, Clovis Nienow, at least 24 hours. Residents and Participants Famous House 4 They have launched a viral challenge for their followers, if successful, They will be boyfriend and girlfriend 24 hours a dayNo action and in a real way, or at least that's what they said.

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Mariana Gonzalez upset by her appointment: “I'm going to be a real mother*”

Named Mexican Kardashian In terms of competition he showed a side that was less known: great anger. wife Vicente Fernandez Jr. She recently burst onto the reality show after becoming one of the nominated citizens for the next eviction show, which will take place on Monday, February 19.

Regardless of who voted against her, Mariana González assured that things will not be like this in front of the cameras 24/7, because until this fourth week she did not create a conflict with some of her colleagues, unlike others, famous.

“Now yes, I am going to be a true son“, he said, deeply distressed by the risk of eviction his appointment created for him.

Follow all the encounters, fights, rumors, suggestions and other challenges of the Telemundo reality show Credit: TikTok/@momentosdelcdlf / Telemundo

Positioning at 'La Casa de los Famosos 4' on Sunday

A day to find out who will be the next resident to be evicted Famous House 4Celebrities are gearing up for the gala, which is one of the biggest tension-generating moments both inside and outside the reality show, and have started warning who they're going to replace. Telemundo.

Lupilo Rivera seeks leadership to return Tali Garcia to La Casa de los Famosos 4

During a recent conversation with Maribili Rivera, Lubilo Rivera He opened up about one of the topics that has made him trend in recent days: unexpected departures Tali Garcia From the reality show, Famous House 4.

After Jenni Rivera was dropped, Jenni Rivera's brother has expressed his desire to bring back the Mexican actress at any cost.

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A popular regional Mexican singer promised Seeking Leadership WeekI will repeat and clarify that he does not want chocolate or drinks in the popular package, on the contrary Tali can check on Kasia after her lucky escape to make sure she's okay.

Follow all the encounters, fights, rumors, suggestions and other challenges of the Telemundo reality show Credit: TikTok/@momentosdelcdlf

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