La Canonja continues with the events of Science Week

On Tuesday at 7 in the afternoon, at the Castell de Masricart, Big Van Ciencia returns, with new scientific monologues

The City Council of La Canonja continues with different events as a reason for the Science Week. Precisely on Tuesday at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, at the Castell de Masricart, Big Van Ciencia returns, with new scientific monologues to discover What was before, the chicken or the egg? What science is behind a good beer can? Thrown? Can there really be life on other planets or just despicable microbes? Starting with a comical introduction about scientists and geeks, a series of monologues about science are linked that end in an open turn of words where the public can express their doubts on any science topic interacting with the scientists who present the activity.

It is a live, scientific and ‘hooligan’ show where we will discover the mysteries of science but always in a fun way. The Big Van scientists will show us that ‘science is cool’, as they have already done with more than 100,000 viewers.

On Friday, also at 7 in the afternoon at Masricart Castle, we will have a talk by the Canonja Primary Care Team on ‘Living with COVID-19. Transformation and perspectives’.

And it will close the Science Week on Saturday with a workshop-demonstration by Miquel Guardiola, head of socialization at IPHES. It is a demonstration explained around the changes produced in prehistoric communities from about 10,000 years ago. He will explain the way of life of the last hunter-gatherer communities (Paleolithic), contrasting with the way of farmers-ranchers (Neolithic). He will make the distinctive tools of both groups live, showing their effectiveness with practical examples, and he will explain the social changes that occurred during the neoliticization process. He will talk about livelihood strategies, the formation of trade networks, specialized crafts, and also art and music. The workshop will take place on Saturday the 20th at 11:30 am in the courtyard of the Castell de Masricart.

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