Kindergarten children and teachers in Buenos Aires reclaim the space used as a mini-garbage for the community – Radio Festival

Due to the waste dump that surrounds the Providencia de Valparaiso Nursery, the largest in the city, located at the foot of Cerro Merced, day by day a group of preschool teachers, parents, boys and girls from the institution and the Technical and Logistical Support of the Municipality of Valparaiso decided to organize to confront the small garbage. Resulting from those who leave different types of waste in the place without any respect.

From this standpoint, the point in question was deeply cleaned by the municipality’s hygiene department so that boys, girls and teachers could carry out an artistic intervention by painting and installing various plants to beautify the space.

In this regard, the director of that park, Gisela Pisa, highlighted the problem by commenting on this “Children come through this place every day, which makes it difficult for them to move forward and can cause accidents.” In addition, he appealed to those who insist on vandalizing the place with garbage or stealing crops. “A call to care for society’s childhood, appreciate it, and care for this space that belongs to all of us. “We need children to have a safe environment.” pointed out.

In the same vein, actress Karina Gongora confirmed this “This area must be respected and kept clean, because sometimes children want to sit and can’t, and they want to enjoy the environment and can’t either.”

Municipal support

As a means of addressing this problem and other problems existing in the same department, the Municipality of Valparaiso will implement a series of measures that will contribute to the smooth functioning of the place. This was explained by Operations Manager Christian Ordenes, who stated this “We will eliminate the pit that we found in this sector, a place that shipping companies frequently use to use it as a secret garbage dump. “We are carrying out an operation to regularize the homeless people who have taken over part of this axis of the city, and we will remove all bulky materials found on Public roads so we can disinfect this space and keep it clean.”

Finally, Council Member Vladimir Valenzuela appreciated this joint initiative and commented on it “When childhood smiles, Valparaíso advances. This means that with an attentive and responsible community towards public spaces, and with an active municipality, we can have a better society.

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