Kim Kardashian’s daughter opens up about the disorder she’s going through on “Live.”

Only her mother responded: “North, you’re saying too much and I need to get off this live right now.”

North West, Kim Kardashian’s 10-year-old daughter, got her mother in trouble by dropping a bombshell during a TikTok ‘Live’ and revealed the disorders she suffers from.

It all happened innocently enough when the mother and daughter were put in front of the camera and aired live on their reality show, The Kardashians (Hulu).

North had her cell phone in her hand and suddenly asked her mom to help her write a word. “Let me help you,” said Kardashian — who just turned 43 — as she picked up her cell phone.

“Guys, I have dyslexia,” the younger man exclaimed at the time. Kardashian couldn’t hide her disappointment after hearing her daughter’s confession. “Do you know what that is?” The girl continued innocently, looking at the screen and addressing the audience directly.

“Norty, you’re spilling the beans here,” said Mom, obviously upset but trying not to explode.

“North, I have to get out of this live right now because you’re saying too much,” Kardashian continued, trying to smile at her daughter’s confessions, asking the audience if she “should put out an album.” “

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A video of North admitting to having dyslexia was captured by a TikTok user and immediately garnered thousands of comments.

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Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by problems detecting speech sounds and learning to associate them with letters and words (decoding), according to experts at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

It is also known as “reading disability” and is the result of individual differences in the areas of the brain that process language.

Even so, it’s worth noting that North has proven her foresight in fashion and social media, as well as incredible musical talent, no doubt inherited from her father, rapper and businessman Kanye West.

“The other day in the car she put these rhythms together without letters or words,” Kardashian explained about her first-born daughter on Angie Martínez’s podcast. “He sits in the car and beats for hours. So I started recording it so I could listen to it again one day and it would be super cute.

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