Kim Kardashian clears up strange rumors about herself on the Internet: washing feet, wearing jewelry and more

Kim Kardashian denied the unusual rumors in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. (Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

When he participated in the show recently Jimmy Kimmel Live!Aired on April 22, Kim Kardashian, the social media icon and entrepreneur, was subjected to a sweet interrogation regarding the various rumors associated with him. In front of an expectant audience, Kardashian cleared up doubts Many curious rumors about his personal habits and preferences are circulating on the Internet.

Jimmy introduced the segment by noting, “Obviously, people are interested in your life and what you do, and they write things, and sometimes they're true, sometimes they're not.” To this he added: “I want to tell you some interesting things and tell me whether they are true or false.”

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” During an appearance on, Kim Kardashian clarified that she does not have six toes, contradicting speculation on the networks. (Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

Of the statements Kardashian confirmed, she was one of the strangest Practice warming up your jewelry before wearing it. Commenting on this, Kim said, “Very true. I hate being cold, and when you wear cold jewelry or something with a clasp, it has to be warm before I put it on.

He also confirmed that Hate the cardboard sleeve of Starbucks coffee cups He added that he found it unbearable for someone to even carry it because of the sound and feel of the object, saying, “Yes, it is true.” “Whoever is with me, I can't see it or hear it, I can't feel it. Moving the cover off the cup is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

The reality star admitted her distaste for Starbucks cardboard sleeves and revealed she sleeps with her eyes slightly open. (Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

In addition, during the speech, Kardashian revealed personal interests such as truth Sleep with your eyes slightly open He washes his feet every night before going to bed And? He spent his 14th birthday at Neverland Ranch, property owned by Michael Jackson. Also, regarding his practical skills, he said he knows how to change a tire.

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Jimmy Kimmel asked, laughing: “Do you own one? Exercise DVD series Kim Kardashian fits into her jeans by Friday (Kim Kardashian Matches Your Jeans Friday)” to which Kardashian confirmed: “Well, a long time ago. “A very, very long time.”.

Kim Kardashian also spoke about her mother, Kris Jenner, and trying to find her own church. (Credit: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

Regarding her family life, she mentioned that her mother, Kris Jenner, is the founder of her own church, highlighting her family's well-known entrepreneurial spirit. however, He vehemently denied the rumor that he has six toesA misunderstanding spread by some publications on social networks.

This appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show isn't the first time Kardashian has faced rumors about her life. In 2018, he had already denied many speculations in a video ElleIncluding related to their desire to be beautiful even in the face of disabling illness.

Kardashian confirms she'll spend her 14th birthday at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch, sharing personal details (Credits: Instagram/@skims)

Taylor Swift He recently released a new song “Thanks aIMee”His latest album is in the making, Department of Tortured Poets. The piece of music has sparked a lot of interest among the artist's fans, who speculate that the song is a subtle hint. Kim Kardashian. This theory is supported by the observation of the intentional capital letters in the path header, which, when aligned, create the name “”.KIM”.

Swift And Kardashian They have a history of public tensions, stemming from such notable incidents Kanye West In The MTV VMAs In 2009, and later, in 2016, their dispute was related to the song “popular” by West. Choice of title and few lines The new musical theme seems to echo past conflicts.

Taylor Swift released “thanK you aIMee,” sparking theories that she was referring to Kim Kardashian due to past tensions. (Credit: Composite/UMG/REUTERS)

The song explores the theme of resilience and addresses school bullying, using “Aimy” as the figure of the narrator's bully, even though he wants to become friends with her. The lyrics contain expressions of resentment and pain “I can't forgive the way you made me feel / I screamed 'Fk you, Aimee' into the night sky, bleeding.” and criticism of the abuser's actions.

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