Kim Kardashian Buys $70 Million Mansion… To Ditch Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian She has gone through a painful breakup with her ex-boyfriend Kanye West. He had to suffer the consequences in recent months A betrayal Now she’s starting to become the Kim we all know.

The businessman has been bought A mansion on the beach Inside Malib, 99.5 million dollars worth, but that’s the end I was able to buy it for 70.

This property used to be a supermodel Cindy Crawford Located in front of the sea Four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a gym, a tennis court and a swimming pool, arranged on 697 square meters. Here you can enjoy great privacy as it is located at the end of a long driveway and is surrounded by hedges so it is barely visible from the street.

However, even though Kim bought the mansion, He did not sell from the hidden mountains. A source close to the Kardashian sisters’ situation has revealed People That it was just a beach house and under no circumstances was he going to sell the existing house.

The main reason the American bought this new mansion was her ex-boyfriend Kanye West. The The rapper bought a house next door to Kim’s, and the model wanted to stay away from her ex-partner Buying another home in search of more personal intimacy. “Kanye’s house is very close This is another way for her to gain her autonomy“, confirmed the source.

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