KB Espino continues to take giant steps in his professional projects

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Venezuelan actress and host Gabby Espino is one of the most loved television personalities by local fans and international fans, and now she is getting more recognition in her career thanks to her efforts.

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In this sense, we must mention one of his most recognized projects, which is called Agave Beauty Bar in Miami in 2021, a business where women can satisfy all their needs in the world of beauty.

Now, Venezuela published on his Instagram on his social network that he will open a new Beauty Bar 5 in Midtown this month, one of his new projects that allowed him to win the affection of women, who now have the opportunity to find everything they are looking for to be beautiful.

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In addition, Espino expressed the following sentence, advising his followers to start in the business world: “You have to be brave, be bold and know what you want. Absolute certainty! Always and without doubt!”.

Venezuela has become a huge role model for many women internationally, where they, like Espino, strive to realize their dreams and achieve prestige and success.

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