Kareli Ruiz declares herself the queen of style in a tight floral mini dress

Karen Ruiz Unstoppable on social networks and it was TikTok Where she was seen with an appearance Proclaim yourself as the queen of styleShe flaunted her curvaceous figure with a Tight floral mini dress With this he managed to get thousands of “likes”.

model Fans only It has become popular on the nets for flaunting its curves in the most daring designsHe did with such a menacing look Floral print dress She stole the show on the Chinese platform, where she has already racked up 64.4 million “likes.”

Kareli Ruiz runs Tik Tok in a mini dress

Kareli Her revealing dance-inspired pictures, which have now racked up 1.2 million views, nearly 200,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments in less than 24 hours, show she’s still one. Favorites on digital platforms.

The influencer conquered the Chinese social network, where he has millions of fans, where he showed off his best moves to the tune of “Penelope – All Me Dies” by Deoli, which has become a song. trends Favorites of users of the video network.

Carly steals the show on the Chinese stage. Photo: TK @karelyruiz.mx

Ruiz21 years old, confirmed as The mini is the queen of looksBecause her outfit is perfect for highlighting her figureThe fitted dress draws attention to the design with a pronounced neckline and parallel seams that run along it, stylizing the feminine figure.

model Fans onlyVisiting the actor Andres García, who became famous after being depicted in a sensual bikini, is positioned as one of the most successful in the network today, with 7 million followers on Instagram alone, and it adds 9.3 TikTok.

Monterey She does not stop making an impact on social networks with her clothes, which are characterized by being found or fitted. Floral print lookAnd how she flaunted it with other outfits of the same style that stole the looks of her millions of fans.

It is confirmed as the queen of the mini look. Photo: IG @karelyruiz

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