Kareena Banda and Carlos Ponce celebrate 6 years together: this is news dedicated to the actor.

Kareena Banda and Carlos Ponce celebrate their sixth anniversary as a couple with a long tablecloth And the host decided to surprise him with an emotional release that moved the public.

Through a post on his official Instagram profile, the host of the show “Decicals” opened his heart and dedicated some kind words to him, along with two photos of him appearing next to the soap opera heartthrob.

Thank you for being a great life partner, for teaching me so much every day, for your patience, empathy, love, tolerance, sense of humor, support, your faith and for always making me love you. From God's hand, let's go further!” the Mexican host wrote along with his post.

Likewise, Kareena Banda revealed.These beautiful photos are from Falling in Love: The Island, and we've never used them, so I thought today would be a good date to share them.”.

However, that wasn't the only detail the Univision star had with Carlos Ponce. A few hours later she decided to share with her fans pictures of the undisclosed news in which they agreed on the details of their first date together, which was released on May 28, 2018.

The love story between Karina Banda and Carlos Ponce culminated on June 5, 2022 when they tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony in Valle de Bravo, Mexico..

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