Kamala Harris in support of Republicans getting vaccinated by lowering COVID-19

A few hours after the election of the President Joe Biden Got his first dose COVID-19 Vaccine, elected Vice President Kamala Harris Appeared The Readout He showed support for Republicans who underestimated COVID. Senators Marco Rubio And Lindsay Graham Received Regression Several months after the parrots, after posting photos on Twitter of them getting the initial dose of the vaccine online President TrumpRhetoric about epidemics. But, as many Americans are Still skeptical Regarding the vaccine, Harris believes that leaders from both sides can motivate others to get it.

When asked about it by the host Joy Reid, Harris replied, “Honestly, happy, I want everyone to get it. We can talk about where they were on the issue, but I believe that anyone in the leadership position now should urge all Americans, again, regardless of their party affiliation, to encourage them. In their time, they should get this vaccine. Harris added, “The truth is, it’s really about saving lives. This is really life saving. ”

One night Congress passed two parties COVID Relief Bill, Harris said lawmakers, especially those who have repeatedly underestimated the epidemic, but have stopped before the vaccine, still need to remember that there is still a duty to ensure that all Americans get the vaccine.

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“I believe this is their responsibility to all the people you speak to. I dare say their moral responsibility is to understand that the American people deserve what they have got,” Harris said. “We need to have that vaccine and distribute it so that everyone can get it, regardless of where they live.”

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