Justice League: The Joker and Black Superman star in the trailer

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Spectacular! This is the trailer for this Justice League Snyder Cut, New installment League for Justice It will be released by a platform next March Streaming.

Upgraded and darker photo, unpublished scenes and characters we did not see in the 2017 film, DC Comics It gives us a little taste of what many experts call ‘masterpieces’ Superhero movies.

In the preview revealed this weekend, we see the situations we have already seen in the first installment, Like Superman is dead, but this time in amazing black costume, Painful life story Flash And fighting Wonderful woman In order to discover the danger that threatens humanity.

However, at the end of the video, the scene of Batman’s strange dreams is not only a part of what has already happened in 2017, but is now included as well. Al Joker de Jared Leto And a brutal look.

The reactions to the trailer were immediate Social media They did their job and put it quickly #Snydercut As a global trend.

How different is this film from the first film?

In 2016, on filming Justice League, Daughter Sock Snyder Passed away, which is the reason why almost 90% of the shooting and production of the film was completed. D.C. Y Warner They decided to bring Josh Whedon Finish the job.

However, as soon as it came out, Snyder He said he had practically changed the whole story he had already worked on.

After the mourning was over, after several negotiations with DC, it was decided to release this new material Some scenes that have already been recorded and characters like Jared Leto and his Joker are included.

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Justice League Snyder Cut Coming to screen from March 18th HBO max.

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