“Justice always comes to light”: Daniela Castro visits the store where she was arrested four years ago for shoplifting

Daniela Castro admitted it was all a chaotic affair (Photo: FILE)

That was in the late 1980s Daniela Castro Appeared as a youth figure on the Mexican screen by participating in popular soap operas of the time such as Classic Bitter chains, The melodrama that won him the public And made her a star.

In the following years, the actress became integrated, and in addition to covering the protagonists of the stories, she also began playing villains, perhaps her most popular roles in the actress’ nearly 40-year career.

however, The famous woman from a family of artists experienced in 2018 a scandal that took her away from the world of entertainment and marked his life in a negative sense. It became popular in September of that year He was arrested for trying to steal some clothes At a clothing store in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Soap opera "Bitter chains" Daniela Castro's first big hit was a project she co-starred in "Black" Araiza (Photo: File)
The telenovela “Catenas de Amargura” was Daniela Castro’s first big hit, in which she co-starred with “Negro” Ariza (Photo: File)

Daniela Castro reportedly told authorities Stealing seven items of clothing from the Saks Fifth Avenue off 5th department storeValue is about $700.

The actress was exclusively detained by security guards while leaving shop And to be free Had to pay $815 in fines. Daniela denied the allegations at all times, so the company considered following the investigation process of the case.

According to the defense of the actress Life stole from me It was a misunderstanding because I would have gone shopping With the bags of clothes and accessories he planned to return, And put on different clothes by mistake.

Since the unfortunate event, Daniela has withdrawn from public life and devoted herself to her family (Instagram Daniela Castro)
Since the unfortunate event, Daniela has withdrawn from public life and devoted herself to her family (Instagram Daniela Castro)

The song immediately went viral in Mexico and the public began to take off A severe criticism of the historiansThe subject of cruel memes and jokes that branded her a “kleptomaniac”.

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That 2018 December, the famous woman returned to Mexico to give a press conference in which she declared that she did not suffer from kleptomania, which was reported in various media.

Today’s 53-year-old actress also said with tears His arrest and prosecution were completely unjustified Facing waves of attacks on social networks created deep psychological and physical damage. He also announced that he would be suing the store for alleged discrimination.

“I have had the most difficult experience in my life. I was judged, crucified, singled out, defeated, and humiliated.”, he said while crying Comedian Benito Castro’s niece. Likewise, Daniela said that this is an embarrassing situation He lost several job opportunities in the middle of the showAlthough I don’t want to mention the names of projects that are no longer needed.

That’s when US officials decided Daniela is innocent of the charges against her, found no evidence to incriminate her. However, this situation that became common sense was too strong for her The actress no longer wants to return to the soap opera worldIt was his last work on screen I plead guiltyMonths before his arrest in Texas.

But now, on this November 2nd, the actress who is not in the limelight has shared a post on Instagram He referred to a painful case in which he acted four years ago.

In life, truth and justice will always come to light -November 02, 2022- I love you!”, he wrote at the bottom of a video where he can be seen paying for a purchase at the same store where he was arrested. His life was never the same.

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