Julianne Xavier Stadium – Hosuna and Urrudia lead the Giants to a draw in the final

Marcel Hosuna scored five runs in two circulating home runs and the Xibawo Giants beat the Stars 6-3 in the second game of the final last night.

The Giants tied the agreed final 7-4 at 1-1. In the process, they reduced the All-Stars’ winning streak to eight in a row.

Similarly, they put an end to the four-line setback they experienced from the final final against the Eagles. The Stars took the lead with two runs in third place at the expense of left-hander Tyler Alexander.

After retiring from Gustavo Nunes and Junior Lake, American left-hander Robinson Kano allowed a single on the left field and made life difficult by filling the bases with Yamaiko Navarro and Philips Evans.

Immediately, he lost to Elihuris Montero and entered the canoe in the race. Jeremy Pena followed up with an infillhit, which made Navarro 2-0. The Giants reacted against Wilmer Rios, who started for the Pachyderms, and formed a five-man rally at the bottom of the inning. He started the chapter by knocking down Mexican right-handed player Carlos Peguro.

Things started to get complicated when he walked into the Western Rivas and left a single for Jose Siri. He retired for the second out with a short fly ball centered on the dangerous Hanser Alberto, but Henry Urrutia scored a double between center and right field, which equalized the stakes. Rios, who was divorced from the strike area, grounded Kelvin Guterres and Osuna set the stage to beat it with his three-run homer, which lifted the Giants 5-2.

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The home run by Yamaico Navarro over the left field fence in the eighth place by Mexican reliever Jack Sanchez brought the green and black team closer together.

However, the team led by Luis Urueta added a hairline at the bottom of that chapter to return to a three-run lead. Jose Siri, who had a walk against veteran close Wilfried Obisbo, cheated a second time and he finished third before a bad throw by catcher Christian Bethankour. The match was won by Alexander (1-0), who was able to recover and not allow the plate to hit the next three innings.

In six innings, he allowed two runs in four innings, hitting four and hitting three. He was then taken into the box by Jenri Mejia, Jack Sanchez, Huvaskar Prosopan and close friend Juan Minoia, who dismissed all three he faced in the ninth game in a single file, with Bertido Rios scoring five runs in 4.2 innings. Four wins. He walked three times and threw the same amount of breeze.

To the giants; Henry Urutia 3-0, two RBI; Marcel Hosuna 3-1, home run, three RBI; Hanser Alberto 3-1, RBI; Jose Siri 3-2, two goals. To the stars; Jeremy Pena 3-1, RBI; Elihuris Montero 2-1, RBI; Robinson Cono scored 4-1. Yamaiko Navarro 3-1,

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