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Julian Gill Sharing that surprised me on this 4th of May Diagnosed with skin cancer, Even if you say “okay”. The actor confessed as his followers questioned him about the scar on his chest.

Hysterian explained that about two years ago, when he realized he had a mole, it was diagnosed.

“Many of you have asked me about the scar on my chest. I just want to tell you that I was diagnosed with skin cancer a year ago. I hope this video helps you check it out. A disease. I love you!”, He came up with the video describing his case This is the message.

How did Julian Gill find out he had cancer?

The Argentine actor was reluctant to make his position public because “this is a very personal matter”, but he helped to “raise awareness” about it with the public.

“It came out a year ago It seemed to me a little mole with a little reliefI went to a dermatologist-endocrinologist in Mexico and it turned out to be skin cancer. “

That’s it for Julian ” The biggest shock I was diagnosed with cancer and, like any person, I never thought I would get it, “he said.

Gill had to go into the operating room and have surgery to remove the mole, which was successful, so now he says he’s fine.

Now, the actor has agreed to undergo a medical examination every six months Something came up in his nose “The doctor did not like it“.

Why did you get skin cancer?

Recommendations by Julian Gill

He urged the public to take precautionary measures when exposed to the sun: “So do not engage in sunlight or drink using sunscreen, sunscreen and the like. […] When you see a small mole, a small mole, a small mole, something that worries you, it’s weird, well, look at it, because the truth is, nothing is more important than health, ”he said on Facebook.

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